Rules and Guidelines

1. The giveaway has to be widely available and free!

The giveaway should be available in most countries. Plus a giveaway should have more than 1000 keys to be considered.

2. The giveaway has to be easy to access!

A giveaway must be readily available. Giveaways locked behind too many requirements, paywalls, points or credits are not allowed.

3. Only post giveaways when they're live

If the giveaways is scheduled for later, please don't post it.

4. Search for duplicate giveaways before posting

Please do not repost active giveaways.

5. Not the best giveaway available at the moment

Our mission is to find and curate the best giveaways for our community, for that reason we may decline a giveaway if their perceived value is too low when comparing with other currently active giveaways.

6. Already Posted Giveaways

We may ignore a giveaway that was already posted without any significant changes. Especially if it was already available the previous month(s).

7. Don't Copy and Paste

Describe the giveaway in your own words and give as much useful information as you can.

8. Only some mobile offers are eligible

Please be aware that not all mobile offers will be considered eligible for our platform. The launch of a mobile game on Android and iOS as a free offering is not considered a giveaway as it is a common practice on these platforms. Additionally, the fluctuation of prices between free, paid, freemium, and other models further complicates the classification. For that reason only some selected offers will be considered.

9. GamerPower reserves the right to refuse any submission

All giveaway submissions are moderated and curated by our team. For quality and security reasons GamerPower reserves the right to refuse any submission, especially if we feel it doesn’t fit in with the values of the community.

10. What should not be posted

⦁ Permanent free games or apps.
⦁ We don't allow rafles, sweepstakes or contests.
⦁ Demos, free weekends and free trials. Exceptions will be made for exceptional offers (eg: If a popular game is fully playable for a month).
⦁ Giveaways from unknown/unverified websites with insufficient feedback readily available online.
⦁ Giveaways behind a paywall or offerwalls.
⦁ Cryptocurrency games or Cryptocurrency/mining related websites are not allowed.
⦁ Lotteries where users have to buy chances to win a prize.
⦁ Copyright infringing content including private servers and others.
⦁ Suspicious websites with misleading information including Key generators and others.
⦁ Giveaways where users have to collect points, credits, gems and others to unlock a prize.
⦁ Giveaways that require the instalation of extra software are not allowed.
⦁ Redirects, redirect websites or URL Shorteners aren’t allowed as they can be used by spammers.
⦁ Gambling, games and sites with adult themes.
⦁ Websites with illegal goods or services.