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GamerPower API is data and data is power... Game Giveaway Tracking is now unlocked!


Access programmatically the best giveaways in gaming, from free games to beta keys to free in-game loot and more. The GamerPower API (Aka Game Giveaway Tracker API) is available for everyone to use without any restrictions. Please note our API is free to use as long as you attribute as the source of the data. We hope to improve the API over time.

Send us an email at if you find any bugs. Don't be afraid to experiment and feel free to share your projects with us.

Endpoints & Examples

All live giveaways


Live giveaways by platform

Insert platform, eg: pc, steam, epic-games-store, ubisoft, gog, itchio, ps4, ps5, xbox-one, xbox-series-xs, switch, android, ios, vr, battlenet, origin, drm-free, xbox-360

Live giveaways by type

Insert giveaway type, eg: game, loot, beta

Sort live giveaways by date, value or popularity

Insert order, eg: date, value, popularity

Live giveaways by platform & type & sorted


Return details from a specific giveaway

Insert giveaway id

Filter & group platforms and giveaway types to get personalized results

Pick and choose your favorite platforms and giveaway types.

Total live giveaways & worth estimation in US dollars

You can also use the "platform" and "type" parameters to get more specific results, eg: /api/worth?platform=pc&type=game

CORS Support

If you need cross-origin resource sharing features you can access our API via RapidApi at

Rate Limits

Please avoid doing more than 4 requests per second.

Some apps using our API

⦁ Our own official GamerPower Discord Bot is using the GamerPower API to work
Gaminate Android App by rrispoli
GamerPower Discord Bot by tylerthardy (TypeScript, Github)
Freevie Android App by Megabyte Dev
Magic Game Deals iOS App by Matheus Matos


200: Success
201: No active giveaways available at the moment, please try again later.
404: Object not found: Giveaway or endpoint not found.
500: Something wrong on our end (unexpected server errors).