Frequently Asked Questions

How does GamerPower work?

GamerPower is a community driven gaming platform that gathers all the best giveaways in gaming into a single place where players can track and collect their favorite giveaways. GamerPower allows you to personalize your feed to only look for the giveaways you want. Register on the site and you will even be able to track the history of all the giveaways you redeem, and the value of those offers, showing you exactly how much you would have spent on all items… but you were smart and used GamerPower to get them all for free!

Why should I register on GamerPower?

You can easily browse GamerPower without registering, however you aren’t able to take advantage of the features we offer exclusively to registered users, such as a personalized feed, rating rights, user collection, user ranks and more. Users who create accounts can even keep track of their previous claims and how much they would have spent...

Where do the free game keys comes from?

All giveaways come directly from the official developers and publishers or authorized third-party websites like Steam, Epic Games Store and others.

How can I delete my account?

To delete your account, go to your account settings and scroll down, then click on the "Request Account Delete" button. Once you’ve confirmed, the deletion of your account will become effective immediately. You can also contact us directly if you are having issues.

My post is not showing up, why?

We may have to remove your submission if we feel it doesn’t fit in with the values of the community. Please check our rules & guidelines page for more information.

How do I level up my account and earn XP?

Mostly, being active in the GamerPower Platform will grant you XP. Including checking giveaways, rating giveaways and more. However to keep everything fair for everyone some XP rewards have automated cooldowns.

What is Giveaway rarity and how is determined?

Giveaway rarity is a rough measure of the quality and scarcity of a giveaway. The exact significance of a giveaway's rarity varies depending on the platforms, loot type and the current price.

Is Gamerpower Free to Use?

Yes - it’s completely free to use.